144 pound Rubik's Cube speaker packs a punch, requires no logic

The Rubik's Cube may be a staple of any cubicle or time capsule, but in this new generation it's all about making this simple puzzle device bigger and better. This homemade Rubik's Cube subwoofer is probably as big as you can get, at least for the time being.

This mammoth has the 80 days worth of blood, sweat and tears. Oh, and 164 steps to completion. It measures in at a perfect 22.5-inch square. Inside a 15-inch Direct Servo subwoofer is feeding the beast. If you are anything of a detail junkie, follow the link to see all 164 meticulous steps to completing this work of art and functional subwoofer. I am personally floored by the precision required for what seems like a fairly cut and dry project.

Project 'Cube 2007, via Gearfuse