$11,000 will get you a pretty nice coffee maker, I guess

What makes a coffee maker worth $11,000? Nothing, if you ask me. But Clover, the machine that bears that weighty pricetag, justifies it to themselves somehow. The hulking machine pumps out a single cup at a time, focusing all of its fancy efforts on just one cup so it's as good as possible. How, exactly?

The barista pours ground coffee onto an extremely fine filter atop a piston that descends into the machine. After the coffee steeps, the piston rises, creating a vacuum that pulls water through the grounds. The finished coffee flows through a spout into a waiting cup. Despite its price tag, a Clover can increase cafe owners’ profits by allowing them to charge more per cup according to the bean.
You know what? I've changed my mind. I'll take two.

Product Page, via Chow