Zoombak GPS Locator keeps track of man, beast or car

The Zoombak GPS locator is now officially available, giving you an easy way to immediately locate kids, family, car, or dogs with the help of a palm-sized GPS transmitter. Attach it to your dog's collar, hide it in your car, or slip it in your kid's backpack, and then you can get automatic Web updates of that transmitter's location every five minutes. You can also set a safety zone for that tracked person, car, or animal, and be notified by either text message or email when that varmint strays too far afield.

For all its serious snooping power, the unit is reasonably priced: $200 for the dog version, and $250 for the car version, but both also require a $9.99 subscription fee for the service. We'd just like Zoombak to warn us if someone comes within a certain safety zone. A friend of ours who's testing one of these units comes to mind, who decided to place one of these in his mother-in-law's purse.

Zoombak, via eMediaWire