Wireless Pixxa digital picture frame goes far beyond just displaying photos

As digital picture frames move beyond mere autonomous devices and onto the Web, they become easier to use and more interactive. Here's an example of that, Ality's updated Wireless Pixxa frame, which lets you send and receive pictures to or from anywhere in the world via its Wi-Fi interface. You can also set it up to exchange pictures from your friends and family using online photo sites Flickr, Picasa, and the company's own AlityOnline.

Pixxa goes beyond that, syncing up with Google Calendar, and helpfully reminding you of appointments with text and a picture that you can assign to each event. It's even able to display instant news and weather updates. We especially like its high 800x600 resolution, giving you an aspect ratio of 4x3, which is the most common format for the majority of digital cameras, avoiding those black bars you see on the sides of photos displayed on many cheap digital picture frames. Expect the Wireless Pixxa to be available sometime in the first half of 2008 for $299.

Wireless Pixxa, via Gizmag