Vices of the week: Battlestars to bed-wetting

Santa may be done writing his lists for the year, but we aren't — check out these laser-etched laptops, some of tomorrow's technology in Battlestar Galactica, and the everyday gadgetry used to snoop out specters. We also took our robotic pet dinosaur for a walk, peeked at who's talking about Apple's Think Secret, and, in Shift, S.E. Kramer rolled up both sleeves to take on 2007's technological heavyweights.

Paper-thin speaker delivers virtual surround sound
Everything is getting so thin these days. Do we want a future filled with so many paper cuts?

Netgear ReadyNAS adds plentiful terabytes to your network
It may not look like much, but the ReadyNAS knows how to do its job.

Big yellow train designed by kids, for kids, unveiled in Japan
When the train can't stop because of crayons clogging the breaks, those kids are going to be in for it.

Smallest Bible ever: Scientists could fit more than one nano-Bible on the head of a pin
Please join me in the reading of the next passage. Now, if you'll pull out your Bible and microscope...

Fujitsu HOAP-3 robot shows great promise as a replacement for our children
Comment by Isotek: "I don't see the joy in cuddling a robot child." Come now, robots need love, too!

Japanese Salarymen Acquire new weapon: The Konaka Shower Clean Suit
Get the suit to iron itself, too, and we're sold.

ChiliPad makes wetting the bed not so horrific
We're not ashamed. When we saw this there were roaring cheers around the office.

Fancy conference table features 42-inch plasma monitor
PowerPoint presentations never looked so good. Or cost so much.