Vices of the week: End of the year bash

The year may be coming to a close, but we're not slowing down here at DVICE. We've got an exciting sweepstakes going (love the Wii, much?), a list of 101 gift guides for any late shoppers, 11 gadgets for the ridiculously rich and a quiz far all you console cowboys out there. We also pit the iPod against the SanDisk Sansa View and took a look at what's being said about the One Laptop Per Child program. Meanwhile, in Shift, gift guru Leslie Shapiro takes a look at the presents of Christmas future.

Power your home with a mini nuclear reactor. No, really.
Every 100th nuclear adopter gets a free fallout shelter!

NEC Robot Sommelier cracks open the Guinness record books
The first robo-wino — this little guy probably knows more about a wine than its makers.

Giant art wall shows your reflection mixed with bizarre statistics
Want to know how many people in Vienna are in love today? The number of war casualties? Just gaze into your own reflection.

Google's Android spotted in the wild
It may not have arms or legs or death rays, but this is one Android that might lead the synthetic takeover of the world.

Elaborate VRX Mach 4 driving simulator goes nowhere fast
A fancy setup, but for that price, I may just stick to making vrooom noises at the end of my bed and using my pillow as a steering wheel.

Lumbering strandbeests made from litter walk with the wind
Just about as close as we'll get to being visited by alien lifeforms.

LED tambourine gives attention to the least cool of the instruments
Comment by Emockler: "how about an led cowbell?"