Vacuum Broom sweeps, sucks and clears its path to glory

Depending on whether you have carpeted or hardwood floors, you may prefer vacuums over a simple broom and dustpan, or the other way around. But what if you have both? Sure, you could buy a vacuum and a broom separately, but this Vacuum Broom by designer Wilson Song attacks on either front.

The thick tube bristles of the broom are hollow and suck in small particles, and they can also be used to sweep larger debris into a dustpan. You won't have to worry about getting every last line of dust into the pan, or picking up anything a conventional vacuum couldn't handle. It's a pretty clever merging of the two different approaches to cleaning — slap a rechargeable battery in this thing, make it easy to clear out the internal bay of dirt and hard to clog and we'll be all over it.

The Vacuum Broom is just a concept for now.

Via Yanko Design