Titanium Spring Loaded Insoles help you combat Earth's oppressive gravity

Remember Moon Shoes, those crazy floating-inner-bucket booties that were all the rage in the '90s? These Titanium Spring Loaded Insoles are kind of like the adult version, promising to make you feel as if every step is considerably lighter. Each insole has five, 1/4 inch titanium springs that are said to not only cushion your footfall, but recoup some of that energy and transfer it into your stepping off, a bit like how regenerative braking allows electric cars to restore their energy.

The insole also features a honeycomb-padded surface that improves circulation, and an extra seven springs under the ball of the foot for a smoother step.

Titanium Spring Loaded Insoles are supposedly small enough that they are great for your everyday pair of shoes, athletic sneakers and working boots. And they're only $30.

Hammacher Schlemmer, via OhGizmo!