Three new digital photo frames from Digital Foci

You know CES 2008 is just around the corner when companies start unveiling new digital photo frames. Digital Foci is primed to introduce three new frames that range from the small 5.7-inch (640x480) Image Moments 6, the medium sized Images Moments 8 with an 8-inch screen (800x600), and my personal favorite Image Moments 15 (pictured above) that features a rather impressive 15-inch 1024x768 digital LCD screen.

Each of the digital photo frames features 200 MB of storage, USB port, and a memory card reader for the most popular cards our there. If you drop the $150 on the Image Moments 6, don't be prepared to be that impressed as the frame only has a resolution of 144 Pixels Per Inch (PPI) — less resolution than the iPhone — and a contrast ratio of 300:1. Image Moments 8 steps up the offering with a 500:1 contrast ratio for $200, while the Image Moments 15 has a 700:1 contrast ratio at a cost of $400. That $400 not only gets you the larger frame, but the ability to change the frame to another to more suit your design taste. The Image Moments digital photo frames go on sale at the Digital Foci site beginning March 2008.

Press Release via Gizmodo