Spy pen for the super nosy

If you're going to be the next investigative reporter superstar, you're going to need some kind of undercover spy device to get the job done. Enter the Wireless Spy Camera from Chinavision. It looks like a regular pen, but twist the top and the camera begins capturing video and audio as a MP4 for later use.

Forget about taking the camera into the dark boardroom hoping to catch the CEO telling off his underlings though, the Wireless Pen Camera needs a minimum of 3 lux to capture a decent picture. But, if you are stranded in the wild without a local convenience store to purchase batteries, the Wireless Spy Camera comes with a solar charger to keep the good times rolling. As cool as this spy pen might be, if someone has purchased the Auto Detective Pen your fun will be ruined.

Chinavasion via Ubergizmo