Sony Aibo robotic dog making its triumphant return?


It was almost a year ago that Sony's original Aibo robotic dog was euthanized for the world to see, and now it seems this dog is making quite the return. Stuff Magazine has this little gem, which is being called the Aibo PS, and appears to be a reincarnate of Sony's little robotic dog that helped create of Dasatech's Genibo and Sony's Rolly.

The Aibo PS is being rumored to be a companion to the PlayStation 3 and Playstation Portable. Supposedly this dog will be fully interactive in Home, PS3's interactive environment, with its own avatar and the ability to download from Sony's network. It will be controllable via the PSP over Wi-Fi.

The people at Stuff are heavily speculative by giving this Aibo PS a 53-percent probability. Given that magazine are often pitched months and months in advance, Stuff had to pull some strings to get an exclusive like this, unless it is entirely a conceptual design and therefore I feel duped and betrayed.

Via Kotaku