Solar-powered table makes you feel good about wasting energy playing solitaire

Sooner or later someone was going to figure out if you want to make people feel good about saving the environment, you need to make something that can be used for everyday activities. The Solar Table seems to fit the bill by allowing you to get actual work done without needing an electrical outlet.

Made of a giant solar panel, the Solar Table can power a laptop (or any other electrical device) for over three hours… after three hours of charging. Of course you'll need to place the table in full sunlight so it can charge, which means you either have a southern facing office with floor to ceiling windows, or need to be working outside. Fortunately, the Solar Table is weatherproof, giving you an excuse to get out of the office, but you might want to wait for warmer temperatures before you pull that stunt. The good news is the portable table is available in March 2008, when the temperature is warmer. The bad news is the cost of going green will set you back $3,600.

Via Born Rich