Smith Newton electic truck is no sissy, but makes Mother Nature smile

The Smith Newton is the largest electric truck out there right now. I know what you're thinking — sure it's a zero-emissions vehicle so it minimally pollutes, and while that's all fine and dandy it'll never catch on. But guess what? The Smith Newton is already in shipping fleets in Europe for a bunch of big names such as Starbucks, DHL and Marks & Spencer.

While it's not ready to dethrone heavy-hauler 18 wheelers yet, with a possible payload 15,800 pounds and a range of 150 miles per full charge, the Smith Newton is more than capable of handling commercial shipping and distribution. One downside: it tops out at 50 mph so you probably won't pass one of these on an interstate.

Only time will tell if a fully electric, zero-emissions rig will catch on Stateside.

Via Fareast Gizmos