Smart Drink Coaster uses computers to increase boozing efficiency

The folks at Sentilla are quite the lazy alcoholics (even though they claim to really just want to teach people how to make any object smarter). After all they did invent a computerized drink coaster than can sense when a drink is running low and will notify the barkeep when a drink needs replacing and you don't even have to make eye contact, nod or yell in previous experiences.

The 3-inch glass coaster includes a miniature computer that does all of the brainwork behind getting you drunk, efficiently. It will remember when a drink is picked up and how many times it is removed and replaced. Interestingly enough, the lights aren't just used to notify the barkeep when a drink is low; the coasters are capable of interacting with each other wirelessly and creating light effects based upon what drinks are placed on what coaster and in what order — to get an idea of this effect, click below to see a video of the coasters in action. The coasters aren't for sale, but Sentilla does provide a guide to build the coasters yourself.

Smart Drink Coasters, via Switched