Shot caller is a binge drinker's best friend

Must to the dismay of parents of college kids everywhere, a company has come out with a gadget capable of helping students binge drink. The Shot Caller is essentially a timer designed for the Power Hour drinking activity. For those unaware, Power Hour consists of a person taking one shot of beer, every minute, for an entire hour. It may not sound like a lot on paper, but that is around five beers in an hour, which is quite a lot. If the player wins, they are generally rewarded with liver failure.

Shot Caller is just a counter. You can set it for however long the "game" will last and it will audibly announce when it is time to take a shot. Shot Caller is available for $15, which is obviously the worth of your liver if you really want to binge drink. Sorry, just being a Debbie Downer.

The Shot Caller, via Liquor Snob