Self-balancing serving tray grants +1 to house partying ability

No longer will your house guests raise their nose and you trying to carry five drinks from the kitchen to the living room with all parts of your body. This self-balancing serving tray not only will hold many frosty brews, but hors d'oeuvres as well. The unique design implements some super fun physics to allow the tray to be carried one-handed and lower to the ground, reducing the chances for spills. Just think of all of the fun that can be had "raising the roof" and such while still being a good host and drink server.

The tray is 15-inches in diameter and the handle is also 15-inches long. It can fold down for easy storage, or do use as a weapon when guests get unruly. It is available in blue or olive for $60.

Self-Balancing Serving Tray