Sakura robot dethrones diamond as girl's best friend

Diamonds can't talk or dance or tell jokes. Why are they so popular, anyway? This Sakura Best Friend Robot, by Toy Quest, does all that and more.

Designed to amuse girls, Sakura dispenses fashion tips, compliments and fortunes, and will listen to slumber party secret sessions ad nauseum. Don't worry about it telling, either — Sakura's lips are sealed unless someone uses a key to unlock its forbidden knowledge (sounds fun for parents). Another fun feature: Sakura responds to yes or no questions posed to it. It also comes with a remote-controlled scooter to cart around on and a few other frills, and is programmed to dance to five different songs.

Sakura costs as little as $40. Click on through for the Sakura Best Friend Robot commercial — "You go girlbot!"

Sakura, via Gizmodiva