RoboPhilo will follow your every command (just program it first)

The RoboPhilo ("philo" stands for programmable humanoid in lifelike operation) stands 13 inches tall, weighs nearly three pounds and utilizes over 20 servos to mimic whatever actions you can dream up and program. To program it, you can either access RoboPhilo through your computer by way of a software utility or use the wireless, multi-functional remote control. The servos allow articulation all over the body, including the neck, shoulders and waist with jointed arms and legs.

This 'bot might be a little intimidating to folks as it toes the line between a toy and a more serious hobby robot, but you're getting quite a bit for a surprisingly cheap price. The RoboPhilo comes in two flavors: a kit you can put together yourself for $400, and an "RTW," or ready-to-walk, $500 package.

RoboPhilo, via SlipperyBrick