Ringboxx puts ringtones on your home phone

Why should your cell phone have all the ringtone fun? Hook up a new gadget called Ringboxx ($50) to your home phone and choose from thousands of real songs to ring by. Before you do that, though, you first have to connect the gadget to a PC and sync it to the Ringboxx site to download the ringtones. You also can configure Ringboxx to play specific tracks to identify callers or numbers. You get five free credits to start — ringtones are priced at two or three credits each — and you can buy additional credits for a dollar each.

Ringboxx doesn't replace your phone's ringer, though; it has its own room-filling speaker and an independent volume control. You plug Ringboxx between the wall phone jack and your phone — or into any open wall phone outlet so it rings independently. Either way, you have to turn off the ringer in your phone to eliminate the cacophony of rings when a call comes in. It sounds complicated, but it's actually easier to configure and use than the ringtones on your cell phone and a lot more fun since it rings a lot louder.

Via Home Phone Tunes