PHOSPHOR Ana-Digi Watch uses e-ink and isn't the least bit shy 'bout it

The PHOSPHOR Ana-Digi Watch combines analog hands and an e-ink digital display. Like pretty much every e-ink product out there, the Ana-Digi Watch has a black-and-white two-tone presentation, and allows you to swap between a full screen of radial hour markers and a standard hour/minute time reading, over either a white or a black background. It doesn't look like you can get rid of the gaudy "E-INK" emblazoned larger than anything else on the face of the watch, but hey, e-ink is pretty new so I guess PHOSPHOR just got a little too excited.

The PHOSPHOR Ana-Digi Watch comes with either a leather or polyurethane band and costs $250.

PHOSPHOR, via OhGizmo!