Peer Review: Top 10 'Top 10 List' Highlights of 2007

At the end of every year technology writers stop reviewing gadgets and start making top ten lists. Headlines that contain numbers are, after all, Digg magnets.

We've combed through all sorts of top ten lists, from "best gadget," to the best tech quote, to the ten most underappreciated stories of the year. Three of our top 10 lists put the iPhone on top. So boring. We've listed their second choices instead. Click continue to see some expected and some surprising list toppers.

10. Wired picks the iPhone. Its #2 is more obscure
The Olympus E510 (DSLR): "Sharp pics, top-notch image stabilization and 10 fashionably unfashionable megapixels make it the camera to have." , Wired

9. USA Today goes out on a limb and also picks the iPhone. Its #2 pick?
Apple's Leopard OS: "OS X Leopard boasts several terrific new features, from prettier e-mail to a prettier desktop environment." , USA Today

8. Time also picks the iPhone. Quel surprise! Its #2 is more interesting…
A Nikon point and shoot: "Have you ever maxed out your digital camera's memory card midway through a vacation? The 8-megapixel Nikon Coolpix S51c point-and-shoot is tricked out with built-in wireless capability, so you can email your images or beam them directly from the camera to your Flickr account or to Nikon's own online photo bank." , Time Magazine

7. Top technology train wreck of 2007
Yahoo Tech's choices were "in no particular order," so we chose the first one: Xbox 360 Hardware Woes: "The actual 360 hardware is a disaster: chronically glitchy, prone to overheating, and all too susceptible to the "Red Ring of Death," which signals a critical hardware failure. Indeed, I'm already on my second Xbox 360 in barely a year, and just about every 360 owner I know has had to send their console back to Redmond for repair." , Yahoo Tech

6. Top Underreported Tech Story, from InfoWorld
Java is on the gurney: "Java, the oldest new programming language around, is falling out of favor with developers. When it comes to developing the increasingly common rich Internet applications, Java is losing ground to Ruby on Rails, PHP, and other cool new languages. , InfoWorld

5. David Pogue's favorite feature within a product
These "Pogies" aren't numbered, but the one that comes first is, unsurprisingly, an iPhone feature: "Visual Voice Mail. All right, there was absolutely zero suspense on this one. Everybody knows that the iPhone's voice mail software is not just one of the machine's best features, but the way voice mail should be from now on." , The New York Times

4. PC World's top product of the year is #1 of 100.
It's also kind of mysterious. They chose Google Apps Premier Edition. From the review: "If Google is as intent as muscling in on Microsoft's cash cow (is that a mixed metaphor?) as Microsoft was in overtaking Lotus, Google Apps could indeed become an Office killer." , PC World

3. Best technology quote of the year, according to Mashable.
"Steve Ballmer [CEO of Microsoft] … 'I think these things [social networks] are going to have some legs, and yet there’s a faddishness, a faddish nature about anything that basically appeals to younger people.' On October 24th, a mere 22 days later, Microsoft invested $240 million in Facebook. It's good to know you can just throw that sort of money at a 'fad.'", Mashable

2. The top rated CNET product from 2007.
The Canon EOS 1D Mark III got a 9.3, plus excellent user ratings. , CNet

1. The people have spoken: Amazon's top-selling products in "electronics," 2007.
Mysterious, but true. It's the Canon PowerShot A570IS 7.1MP digital camera. — Press Release

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