PAM Individual Lifting Vehicle, another Segway-like magic carpet

Here's another daredevil magic carpet that reminds us of that Vertipod we showed you last week—the PAM Individual Lifting Vehicle (ILV) is a flying platform whose makers say is as easy to pilot as a Segway. While there's no accounting for terrified knocking knees, if you have nerves of steel a mere shift of your weight steers the flying platform that's designed for crop spraying, aerial photography and short-range search and rescue operations.

Its twin rotors underneath are powered by two 105-hp engines, and its skids make this craft look more like a helicopter than the VertiPod. The $50,000 flying machine requires a pilot's license to operate, and is theoretically capable of traveling at 60mph. Just looking at this thing scares us half to death, and the fact that one of the options is a parachute gives you an idea of the confidence of its makers.

PAM Group, via Gizmag