Optimus Tactus, the next big keyboard idea from Art.Lebedev Studio

Here's the next forward-thinking keyboard idea from the Art.Lebedev Studio—this Optimus Tactus is a keyboard that has no keys. Along with its touchscreen substituting for physical keys comes flexibility, giving you choices of how big those graphic keys can be. When you're not typing, you can even substitute a video screen instead of the images of keys in front of you.

Not a real product yet, this is a design concept from Art.Lebedev, with no pricing or release date attached thus far. That might mean a long wait for such an innovative keyboard, if the company's Optimus Maximus keyboard is any indication. That one's been in the works for nearly two years, and is just now in the pre-order stage. We really like this design, but we're not holding our breath waiting for it to be available.

Via Art.Lebedev Studio