Not so brilliant idea: Kuppersbusch stove top with touch-sensitive controls

The day and age of the traditional, four-burner symmetrical stove top is dwindling away thanks to the latest and greatest designs that maximize space efficiency and integrate next generation technology. This Kuppersbusch Profi-Cook Center has five efficiently placed burners that sense the presence of a pot or pan and fire up. Kuppersbusch's recessed, black glass top surface makes cleaning a breeze, as well.

The only questionable aspect of this futuristic-looking stove is the touch controls that are merely inches away from burners. You would expect the average person to be competent enough to handle touch buttons that close to the burner, but this is just a Darwin Award waiting to happen. This stove is currently available for $3,150.

Kuppersbusch Profi-Cook Center, via Appliancist