Newest MobiBlu Cube unfolds to be flatter than a Nano

The Mobiblu Cube 2 was a cute little 512 MB or 1GB MP3 player, just larger than your standard gaming die. It had some major advantages over the iPod Shuffle, including a LED-screen, built-in FM tuner, and voice recorder. It's also less expensive, going in some places for as little as $32.

The newest Mobiblu Cube, the Nanum, in many ways seems like a regression from the Cube 2. There's no LED screen or tuner, and the Cube 2's shiny black has been replaced with matte Lego-style primary colors. And talk about minimalist — the Nanum reveals its ontological simplicity by unfolding from a box into a simple, flat cross. No word on pricing or when the Nanum will be available in the U.S., but we're hoping that the stripped-down design indicates that it will be yet less expensive than its predecessor.

MobibBLU, via Engadget