Metal Detecting R/C Car: Treasure hunting for the lazy

I've never understood the whole treasure hunting schtick. Sure, Nick Cage does a mighty fine job in National Treasure and whatnot, but day to day coin finding? Really, is it worth the time walking around with that awkward metal detecting pole? At least the awkwardness will go away and efficiency will get a boost thanks to this remote control metal detector car. It seems to be promoted more as a an educational toy though. It includes an educational book, the remote, physical car and "gold coin replicas" for time wasting on the hunt to the real treasure. Upon detecting a metal object the car will beep and light up. The "off-road" tires also make this car suitable for any environment, in case you want to go treasure hunting in a rocky aluminum death pit, which wouldn’t make any sense at all. It is available for approximately $80.

RC Metal-Detect-Car, via BBG