Litrospheres make paint glow in the dark for 12 years

Remember those glow in the dark stars that you could stick on your ceiling and that would glow for a few minutes before you fell asleep? MPK Co., a company that makes glow paint, is working on a technology called Litrospheres that allows objects to glow for more than twelve years without access to any light source. How do you make something that glows for twelve years? Chances are you have to use radioactive ingredients, in this case Tritium, which is far less dangerous than radium, but can still be toxic in large doses.

The company developing Litrospheres claims that they are non-toxic, inexpensive, and nearly indestructible. They can be inserted easily into paint, and would also be good for safety equipment. We can see it happening in safety equipment, but as soon as you use the word "radioactive," the chance that the product will make it into childrens' toys begins to, well, decay.

Pure Energy Systems Wiki, via Treehugger