License Plate Flipper tells other drivers exactly how you feel

Do you ever want to tell the annoying driver on your tail just what you think of him? You could use a bumper sticker, but that would involve being rude all the time, but you just want to express yourself when you have road rage. Red Biker Product's Plate Flipper may be the answer to all your problems. With the flip of a switch you can lower your rear license plate to reveal the message of your choice. If the offending driver threatens your life you can flip your plate back into place just as easily.

While the product's website warns that the Plate Flipper is "strictly for off-road use only," its testimonials page suggests otherwise. Kathy from Michigan writes: "Just the other day some guy was riding my back and I flipped my flipper and told him the way I feel. He backed right up and I got to vent."

Sure, it's illegal to obscure your plates, but the Plate Flipper will probably get you in a lot less trouble than this license plate-blurring tool. The Plate Flipper costs $130 for cars, $120 for motorcycles.

Plate Flipper, via Strange New Products