Last minute Christmas gifts: gadgets that should not (and do not) exist

Yes, we know that Christmas is tomorrow, but these are gifts that will certainly work as late holiday presents or as birthday gifts all year round. Show your friend just what you think of his bad-combination gadget habit with The Onion's Gotcha Gift Boxes. This years models include the Visorganizer, a baseball hat attachment that can carry "up to 7lbs with 4 handy storage areas," the Peaceful Progression Smoke Alarm that wakes you up with rainforest chirpings because "fire doesn't have to be a disaster," and the Auto Power Strip, a surge protector that mounts to your car's rearview mirror.

None of these $8 boxes actually has anything in it: The Onion has developed boxes for gadgets that it believes are too stupid for anyone ever to make. We think that the paper underestimates gadget makers' stupidity, after all, we're living in a world where the exploding piggy-bank and evil dog lamp are real Christmas gift possibilities.

Via The Onion Store