Lampex USB Magic Wand has only one trick, may not be magic

Getting tired of wagging your lips all the time? Send a message with this Lampex USB Magic Wand, and give those skinny arms of yours a bit of a workout. The Wand connects to your computer via USB — just type out whatever message you want it to display and then start shaking, the LEDs will do the rest. Your message will appear as if by magic in thin air, as long as it's dark enough.

Several images on the Digital Cowboy website suggest a variety of uses: signaling anything from people in office buildings, train passengers, Sphinxes and UFOs, and generally putting smoke signals to shame. The Lampex USB Magic Wand can display up 12 Japanese characters, uses two AAA batteries and will probably never come to the US. Really, you could easily find other products that follow this same idea, though.

Digital Cowboy, via Gearfuse