Improve your mental acuity by shooting birds. Online. With a camera. Jeez, relax, PETA…

Just as mental dust bunnies begin multiplying in the minds of baby boomers, here come computer games designed to improve memory, focus and reflexes. Cool as jug of fiber drink, right? I thought exactly that when I saw Lumos Labs' pitch for a mental-acuity program called Lumosity, neatly disguised as a series of online games.

Lumosity is sold as a subscription. You can play individual games or submit to a coach of sorts that puts you through your paces for about 10 minutes at a time. One of the games simultaneously works on your peripheral vision, short-term memory and focus. How does it do that? By making you shoot photos of elusive birds.

Realizing how much I enjoyed playing Lumosity, I felt like maybe I'm a closeted boomer until my eight-year-old daughter Lucy crawled into my lap and took over. — Jim Nash

Via Lumos Labs