Floppy Disk CDR brings back some bad memories

Remember these little guys? Kids these days don't know just how vulnerable data used to be. Heat, magnets, pressure, and so on and so forth. The computer literate used to give out bundles of dead floppies as coasters at the holidays. Well, if you stick one of these into the slot of your floppy drive nothing is going to happen — there's a 200 MB CDR hiding in each one of these floppy disks.

It's a cool idea, and each has different colored labels so you can write what's on them just like you remember. The CDRs don't hold much as each one is a tiny 80 mm disc (so the square-shaped floppy case can spin), but you'll win nerd points using them. Said points aren't cheap, though: $14 for a single Floppy Disk CDR, or $32 for four.

designbloom, via Geekologie