DVICE TV: Palm Centro vs. iPhone

The iPhone, while certainly one of the top gadget's of 2007, has one big downside: It's expensive. For $400, you seemingly get a lot, though: a Web browser, Google Maps, even a 2-megapixel camera, among other perks. Plus it looks damn hot.

Still, $400 is up there for a cellphone. Is it possible to get all the same features for $300 less? We put the Apple's darling head to head with Palm's bargain smartphone, the new $100 Centro, to find out. There's no lab, no white coats, no benchmarks here — we're taking them on the streets to try them out just the way you'd actually use them and see which one comes out on top. It's just two phones, one Vanessa Rae, and a mission. Oh, and that professional line-sitter guy… what's his name again?

Peek the vid above to see which gadget comes out on top. Not to spoil anything, but the Centro wins the "reddest phone ever" category.