DrIron dries, presses clothing, makes corporate life a little more enjoyable

Look at you, sitting in your cubicle being all cute and corporate like in slacks and button up shirts Did that excruciating 15 minutes it took to iron your clothes this morning ruin the entire day? Well, Fagor has the prescription for you! The DrIron is a combination dryer and presser that can eliminate the hassle of ironing clothes with some high tech physics.

The DrIron has a special hanging method for clothing being dried and pressed. It then extracts all of the moisture from the clothing using a two-hour cycle. It then dumps the extracted liquid into a tray that can be reused (because being green is cool!) anywhere. If you are going for the grungy look and do not want your clothes wrinkle and crease free, there is a 20 minute cycle that does not press. A downside is that the DrIron seems to have limited space for drying and pressing — it also costs $3,000, but at least the fine folks at Fagor provide a home demonstration with every unit sold, and think how much enjoyable your work day will be without having to iron your clothes every morning.

Via Appliancist