Cyborg insects set to invade

We’ve already seen robots that are created to help us in the kitchen, play with our children, and keep us safe from harm, but what about the lower species out there? What would happen if a roach, beetle, or even a scorpion were converted into mechanical creepy crawlies? You only have to look as far as Insect Lab Studio to find out.

Created by artist Mike LIbby, these steam punk looking sculptures combine the carcasses of dead insects fused with antique watch parts and electronic components. His latest creations are bigger than ever including the 5-inch Rhino Beetle with brass gears and parts. They look spooky in a cool sort of way, and displaying these sculptures on your mantel will sure to put any entomologist to shame. Thank goodness these cyborg insects are already dead because an army of these things scurrying across the floor would give anyone a heart attack.

Insect Lab Studio via Watchismo Times