Crappy Chinese product or legit steampunk webcam, you be the judge

One of the most common factors surrounding all of the amazing steampunk mods we have seen in the past is the fact that they are all custom built. Now a Chinese company by the name of ChinaVision has produced this strangely beautiful webcam that looks to be the spawn of steampunk, a webcam and an anglepoise lamp.

I highly doubt ChinaVision is secretly jumping onto the steampunk bandwagon because this device is being touted as a "stylish golden webcam with a bendable design." The rivet looking knobs on the frontside are also lights, which isn't too bad of an addition for design purposes and functionality. The actual webcam is $12, but expect shipping to be a hefty fee due to that whole Chinese retailer factor and all. Oh, and a $12 webcam probably isn't constructed out of brass and other high-end materials like other steampunk peripherals.

Webcam - Stylish + Bendable Design, via BBG