Corner Shot keeps your face out of harms way in urban warfare

Man, don't you totally hate it when you're in a firefight and you lean around a corner to aim and totally catch a bullet in the melon? It's the worst! Well, if I had a Corner Shot instead of a regular old assault rifle, my melon would still be intact and this post would be much better. Alas, it's not!

The Corner Shot is a gun that can bend around corners to fire without needing your head out there. That's because it has a built-in screen that shows you what it's aiming at. So you sat under cover while only part of the gun is exposed. Of course, if both you and your adversary have one of these, neither of you will be all that successful, but I guess the whole idea is predicated on you being the good guy with the better technology taking out the bad guy with the cheaper technology. Mission accomplished!

Crave, via Geekologie