Color e-ink getting closer, offers writing support

As great as eBooks are
, the biggest let down is the black and white e-ink screens we have to put up with. Without color forget reading glossy magazines, comic books, or viewing photos on a single portable device. Times they are a changing, and Fuji Xerox has just released a new prototype color e-ink display that is incredibly thin.

The color display uses three reflective color liquid-crystal layers (red, blue, and green) that can combine to recreate any color out there. Even with the multiple layers, Fuji Xerox has been able to keep the display to a thickness of around 0.4mm, which means it can be bent and still work properly. Even better than viewing color images on the display, the prototype also has an optical writing system built in that makes this the real deal when it comes to thin, foldable, electronic paper. If the company can get this thing large enough and consume very little energy, this will blow the Kindle, and all other eBooks out of the water.

Tech-On! via Uber Gizmo