Coffee time is business time with the brass knuckle cup

Coffee time at the office may be one of the most aggressive and dangerous times of the day. Back in my corporate-life days I once drove my car through the building because someone had neglected to refill the coffee pod machine with water. A brass knuckle cup is just want the office worker needs. While at work it is a convenient method for drinking your caffeine nectar, but once someone rubs you the wrong way this cup can serve its intended purpose in said person's face.

It would also be perfect for the neighborhood bar. Take a shot, punch a drunk hooligan, take a shot, punch a hooligan — now that is efficient rabble rousing! This cup is the work of Simone Brewster who, like me, tends to get violent while drinking, anything, or it would seem so by his sadistic convergence.

Punch Ups, via Gearfuse