ChiliPad makes wetting the bed not so horrific

The ChiliPad has taken a nod from high-end gaming PCs with a product capable of heating or cooling a mattress. Combining liquid and mattresses never results in a good outcome, but the ChiliPad is essentially a watercooler (or heater) for your mattress.

It works very similar to how a watercooler works in a PC. The ChiliPad's base unit will heat or cool a reservoir of water, it will then flow the water through a series of tubes that run throughout the bed. The temperature range spans from 65 degrees Fahrenheit to a blistering 105 degrees. The manufacturer, T2 International, says the required power is a fraction of what an air conditioner or heater uses.

The ChiliPad is available in single zone or dual zone (his and hers) and operates entirely with a remote control. It fits all standard size mattresses and prices begin at $479.

ChiliPad, via Gearlog