Charlie Brown laptop helps express one's feelings towards the holidays

Like Charlie Brown, I am one heck of a old grinch around the holidays. Eggnog, yule tides, and all of those traditions are nothing but a bunch of hoo-ha to me. The one shining moment is the holidays is the ability to continually watch Charlie Brown specials and be able to relate with someone who often feels the same about these wretched holidays.

If watching the cartoons wasn't enough. Epson has unveiled this special edition Charlie Brown laptop. On the inside, this laptop is fairly usual with a 1.73 MHz processor, 1 GB of ram, 80 GB hard drive, CD burner and more, but it's on the outside where this laptop really shines with a custom paint job featuring peanuts and the gang. It does come pre-packaged with Peanuts screensavers, backgrounds, and more — all for $2,800. With a laptop like this, Charlie Brown may finally get some respect from Lucy.

Snoop Laptop, via Chip Chick