Business and pleasure: 2MP Asus webcam includes business card scanner

Mixing business and pleasure must be a common occurrence at Asus HQ. Its new line of 2-megapixel webcams include the added feature of being able to scan business cards with ease. This is thanks to the webcam's base, which includes a tiny slot that can hold a business card in front of the webcam. Then the software takes over by recognizing the object as a business card and scanning it into a database.

The AF-200 is the auto focusing version of the webcam while the MF-200 is the manual focusing variant. I'm not too sure what advantage manual focusing would be, but surely there's at least one person in the world that would need that, and ASUS is here to accommodate that special person.

Asus should also realize that the business card is placed backwards on this product picture. Regardless, it is one heck of a convenience, especially on the eve of CES 2008, where every vendor and their robotic violinist wants to hand over a business card.

Via EverythingUSB