Brabus Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster trims the fat

Like fast cars? Here's one for you, and it's a looker to boot. The updated Brabus Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster goes from zero to 60 in a smidgen over three seconds, features a 650 horsepower engine, carbon fiber forward spoilers and a striking color scheme. Much of the interior and trim are also made from exposed carbon fiber. If Batman ever sat down to design a topless two-seater for a car company, it'd probably have that aerodynamic nose poking out from the front of the McLaren. And dig out those vertically sliding doors.

The roadster was worked over to make sure everything is sleek and low profile, from its squat body to racing-styled interior. It's sad that the only time you'll ever be able to take advantage of such a high performance vehicle will be with sirens behind you. Check out the gallery for more detailed shots.

Sybarites, via Born Rich