Hello Kitty camera blushes at what you force it to remember

You may have heard that camera, cellphone and technology in general in Japan is quite a few years ahead of our own. Want some more proof? Look at this Hello Kitty camera, by Sanrio: it blushes when you take a picture. Have improvements to cameras in Japan finally hit the ceiling? Is the next step to make them adorable?

In all seriousness, it does look to be a pretty fun 5 megapixel camera for kids. The lens is hidden in the center of Hello Kitty's bow, and the flash is next to that. A picture of the iconic cat even pops up on the viewer when the camera is turned on. The camera is a little on the expensive side at around $230 and there's no word if it'll come to the States, but Sanrio maintains dedicated shops in the US and Hello Kitty is always a hot item for importers.

Nikkei Net, via Popgadget