9 amazing laser-etched laptops you haven't seen before

Two years ago laser-etched laptops were all over the Internet, mainly because of the famous tarsier and Magritte Powerbooks. But since then people have been busily etching all kinds of things into their laptop lids, from the Mona Lisa to Barry Manilow to My Pretty Pony. In fact, we found nine pieces of etched art ("art" being a relative term) you probably haven't seen before. Most of them are from Etchstar, with an absolutely gorgeous example from Engrave Your Tech. Enjoy:

Barry Manilow

Adam & Eve



dinosaurs etchstar.jpg

Interesting Design

engrave your tech.jpg


kiss etchstar.jpg

The Mona Lisa

mona lisa etchstar.jpg

The Scream

scream etchstar.jpg

The Enterprise


My Pretty Pony

pretty pony etchstar.jpg