11 ridiculous gadget gifts for the filthy rich ($1.8 million worth!)

Now that most of us are finishing up our holiday shopping, we have a chance to reflect on those less fortunate… and those much, much more fortunate. That got us wondering: Just what are the ultra-rich getting their gadget-loving friends and family for Christmas this year?

Having a big paycheck obviously opens the door for a completely different league of gifts. From Ferrari Segways to ultra-luxury laptops, these are tech toys that scream, "I don't just make a lot of coin — I'm crazy." Follow that shiny Continue link below to see 11 gifts, ranked least to most expensive, that you might find under some really overpriced trees this year.

1optimus_white_01.jpg11. Optimus Keyboard ($1,500)
OK, you already have a plasma HDTV in every room, but now you're scratching your head wondering how you can possibly pack even more screens into your home. It's easy. For $1,500, you can add 114 or them in a single shot. Each key on this next-generation keyboard is a single 32 x 32-pixel full-color OLED screen. It's even okay if you don't have a computer to hook the keyboard up to — it's all about bragging rights and numbers. More than a hundred displays in one room? That's millionaire resumé material!

1fagor-driron-cp-3851-2007.jpg10. DrIron Garment Dryer, Presser ($3,000)
Sure, most well-off folks have everything dry cleaned, or have personal assistants to pick out every speck of dirt and grime with tweezers, but how will you ever earn the respect of the other millionaires that way? The $3,000 DrIron is the secret to pumping up your pride — this device may look like a glorified hanging rack, but it does so much more. It can dry and press all types of clothing with a simple, two-hour process. Of course, this would mean that you'd also have to wash your clothes, but just imagine the look on the other millionaire's faces when you tell them you washed, dried and pressed that hideous golfing shirt of yours at the next tee time.

1vertu_325x243.jpg9. Nokia Vertu Cellphone ($7,000)

One of the ultimate means for expressing one's value is by overpaying for products that have a very short lifespan. Nokia's luxury line of Vertu cellphones begins around $7,000 and can radiate that feeling of, "I'm so rich I even overpay for things I know will be damaged, lost or stolen easily, and even if none of that happens I'll be replacing it in a year anyway." Man, your life is great.

1ferrarisegway.jpg8. Ferrari Segway ($12,000)

There's one and only one way to truly travel in geek style across your massive 500-acre estate, and that's on a Segway. Normal Segways are for cops and other dweebs, and golf carts are the epitome of lame, so this Ferrari-branded red Segway is the only way to go. And at a mere $12,000 each, you could get one for each day of the week.

elp-laserturntable.jpg7. ELP Laser Turntable ($13,990)
Only peasants would stoop to dragging a needle through the grooves of their records to play them — the truly discriminating use lasers to read vinyl. ELP's turntable brings the zap, surprisingly keeping everything in the analog domain so you don't lose any of the warmth of those old albums. The downside to its hyperaccuracy is that this $14k toy can't tell specks of dirt from a sudden crescendo, so you'd better invest in the optional record vacuum cleaner as well. It's not like you can't afford it.

LanticGold.jpg6. Lantic Gold RC1 Remote Control ($30,000)

Being a rich fool with a lot of money has have its downsides. Having so many different cars, gadgets, businesses and more just complicates life further than it should be. That is why a company like Lantic wants to offer simplicity and luxury in one package with the RC1 gold remote control. It lacks a touchscreen and unnecessary buttons in favor of the bare essentials built into a simple, circular design. Circular, you know, like pennies. Oh wait, you wouldn't know what a penny is. Here's a lesson, this remote costs 3,000,000 of them.

1austin_martin_wristwatch.jpg5. Aston Martin Watch ($35,000)

The reason that no cars are on this list is obvious — cars are the first items you get once you make it big. Filling up the garage with Lambos, Bentleys and other luxury rides is pretty standard. Where you really stand out is how you pimp out the cars you buy. This $35,000 Jaeger LeCoultre watch also acts as an unlocking and auto-starting keyfob for the Aston Martin DBS, a must-own for the rich and famous. Who cares if the watch costs as much as two Honda Civics, which includes remote unlocking accessories. Nobody needs to know that.

1plasma103_w.jpg4. Panasonic 103-inch Plasma HDTV ($70,000)

Everyone knows that 60-inch plasmas are for dot-com millionaires. You, on the other hand, worked hard for most of your life to get the luxurious lifestyle and it's time to make sure everyone knows it. The only way is with a 103-inch TH-103PZ600U plasma TV from Panasonic. The lengthy name of this TV just screams, "I'm important and I own a giant HDTV." At $70,000 each, you could fill a wall with these HDTVs and not think twice about it.

jetpack.png3. Jetpack ($250,000)

Sure, the Ferrari Segway is great for getting around your estate, but what about getting to the different levels of your skyscraper? A jetpack is the obvious answer. The technology behind the jetpack has yet to be perfected, but for $250,000 you, too, can own a jetpack capable of flying for three minutes. Those three minutes is all you will need to show the world that you aren't just a kajillionaire, you are a kajillionaire with cojones.

1speakerbig.jpg2. Spharon Excalibur ($380,700)

At almost 8 feet tall and 1,364 pounds, the Excalibur speakers are suitable for your mansion. These are big, red, attention-grabbing speakers packed with four 15-inch woofers. Sure, you may already have a multimillion-dollar media room, but how often do you get to plug your gold-plated iPod into a single, free-standing speaker and cause tsunamis on the other side of the world? That's a perk of being rich and buying a $380,700 speaker the size of a water buffalo.

lugvlaptop1.jpg1. Luvaglio Laptop ($1,000,000)

In a world where companies are competing for the cheapest laptops and PCs, there's no need to conform and accept a computer not worthy of your money. It's time to put down the stacks of cash and get ready to get your hands dirty with this $1 million laptop. You can even put your own flavor in it — it's up to you to pick the jewels on this baby. The guts aren't even that bad, with a solid-state hard drive (more durable than spinning disks) and a Blu-ray drive. But really, it could have components from a PC from 1999 and you wouldn't care — as long as it's pretty on the outside and garners that much-needed attention at the Hamptons' Starbucks.