10,000 iPod shuffles being frozen in popsicles for giveaway

A Brazilian ice cream company has figured out a great way to give away iPod shuffles in an upcoming contest: freeze them in popsicles. Yep, they're giving away 10,000 iPod shuffles to people who are lucky enough to buy popsicles that just so happen to have a wee MP3 player hidden inside.

That's not to say the shuffles will be literally inside a popsicle. No, they'll be in fake popsicles that look like the real thing, bundled up against the cold of the freezers they'll be stuck in until they get found by lucky winners. It's a pretty sweet idea for a contest, one that I wish happened more often. I mean, who wouldn't want to find, say, a free HDTV in their Quarter Pounder? It only makes sense.

Product Page, via Gizmodo