What would Jack Bauer wear: fun with the Active Reactor danger watch

The latest piece of time-telling wrist candy from TokyoFlash is the spectacle known as the Active Reactor. Unfortunately, if frequently keeping up with the exact time is important to you, the Active Reactor watch presents something of a challenge.

According to the instructions, the current time is calculated by adding up the device's various light sequences: "20 plus 10 plus 2 = 32 minutes. The Red Warning light is for the 6 hour mark and the Danger gauge for the other 6 hours." Essentially, once you've figured out what time it is, the bad guys have probably already gotten away. Nevertheless, for 11,900 yen ($103.74) it's hard to find a better holiday conversation piece to go with your odd new Jack Bauer utility man-purse.

Via TokyoFlash