Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife: 85 tools, 110 uses, 100% bonkers

We've all heard about shopping for the friend who has everything. I imagine that person has one of these Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knives because, well... just look at it.

What you see is one absurdly stuffed Swiss Army Knife: over two pounds in weight and nearly nine inches across, it has 85 different tools and 110 ways to use 'em. You've got your Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, saws, scissors, rulers, universal wrench, laser pointer, cigar cutter, compass, can opener, golf club face cleaner, tire tread gauge and a whole lot more. And, as always, a toothpick. Whew!

A Giant Swiss Army Knife will set you back $800 or more, depending where you shop. Here's a 111th use for your monsterous slab of a knife, Wenger: a table.

Swiss Army Knife Shop, via Think Geek, via Uberreview