Volitan "Flying Fish" is half ship, half X-Wing, fully eco-friendly

The Volitan, or the "Flying Fish," is a concept design for a boat that would run green over the great big blue. It harnesses both the power of the wind and the Sun, using solid sails and an array of panels along its wings to trap solar energy and keep the ship's battery charged. The Volitan's wings are controlled by an onboard computer, which tracks light and wind direction to maximize the boat's performance by turning the wings appropriately. The computer can also perform actions such as folding the wings up against the hull when weather conditions get rough.

The Volitan solar ship is a design by Dr. Hakan Gürsu and Sözüm Doğan of the Designnobis Studio, and it won first place in the Transportation category and the Nautical/Boats sub-category at the IDA 2007 Design Competition. Check out the video and pictures below for renders, detailed pictures and sketches of this environmentally-friendly vessel.

Designnobis Studio, via Yanko Design